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Sellers don’t keep promises? Here are simple tips on how to restart the sales department

Sellers don’t keep promises? Here are simple tips on how to restart the sales department

In sales, sellers often do not adhere to basic promises and this fact is already a trend that is becoming increasingly relevant among businesses. For example, the seller did not respond in time, did not send what he promised or did it with a big delay. Sales are falling - this is definitely what we get as a result. How to be?

I am Taras Drovorub, co-founder of GDC consulting company with 20 years of experience in sales, including B2C. I want to share with you some tips on how to improve the interaction and communication of sellers with customers.

The most common requests from companies

Often companies turn to the GDC team with such requests as: "Help us increase sales," "What should we do to have a large number of customers" and the like. But there is no "magic pill" that would solve all the problems. If we strive to build stable relationships with customers and increase sales, we need to teach our sellers to keep their promises. Do you pay attention to how your sellers communicate with customers? Do they respond to customer requests and needs in a timely manner? Do they remember and do exactly what they promised?

Timely fulfillment of promises: case of successful optimization of the sales department

The GDC team believes that fulfilling promises on time is a core element of running a successful business and maintaining customer confidence. I will give an example of one of our clients who specializes in the production of furniture.

The client asked us about the lack of a system sales department, low conversion to purchase and the need for operational consulting. In response to these problems, the GDC team conducted an in-depth analysis of the functioning of the sales department and the client's business processes.

Results of cooperation with GDC:

  1. Launch warm online sales department.
  2. Introduced payment calendar, clear management reporting.
  3. A new sales structure has been created.
  4. Created scripts for processing incoming leads.
  5. Created scripts for handling objections at each stage of the funnel.
  6. Created message templates for communicating with potential customers on Facebook and Instagram.
  7. Analyzed and improved the system of material and intangible motivation and KPI.
  8. A system of adaptation for new employees has been developed.
  9. Job descriptions for managers and the text of the vacancy have been developed.
  10. Implemented tips on how to increase conversion when moving from stage to stage of the sales funnel.
  11. Developed an affiliate program for sales through partners.
  12. Segmentation of the target audience is made and "values" are prescribed for each of them, which increase the probability of purchase.
  13. CRM implemented.

I also note that the implementation of GDC strategies and recommendations not only improved the client's business performance, but also helped to maintain a high level of trust from customers. One of the key factors that contributed to this is the creation of the right call structure for managers and the implementation of CRM. This ensured consistency and timely fulfillment of promises during communication with customers.

Simple tips for successful sales

My simple but very important advice is to teach sellers discipline, consistency and a customer-oriented value approach. This is not about complex sales techniques, but about basic things that allow you to build mutual understanding and trust with customers. And this is the basis of long-term cooperation.

In addition to the fact that sales managers need to convey these basic principles, they still need to monitor their implementation. One way to ensure efficiency is to install control systems:

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a key tool for effective sales. The system allows you to set tasks for regular fall-ups of potential customers. Our team at GDC helps with CRM integration as it helps sellers better understand customer needs, remember their requests and their promises. In addition, you can still monitor the correspondence of managers with clients and improve their communication.
  2. Telephony allows you to record calls and analyze whether sellers adhere to the script, respond qualitatively to objections and generally how they conduct a conversation.
  3. Programs that allow you to record online meetings with the consent of the client are especially relevant in the field of V2V. These records can be viewed and analyzed in detail the interaction of managers with customers.

If you teach your sellers these basic things and control their implementation, it will contribute to a positive experience of cooperation with customers. This approach will create a sense of reliability and a desire to return to you again and recommend your services or products to others.

Do you want to build a reliable relationship with your customers and ensure the effective work of the sales department? The GDC team provides free consultations for owners of small and medium-sized businesses, order a consultation by the link.