Building a cold B2B sales team

«SHERIFF» — Security company
Created a cold B2B sales department from scratch
The share of B2B sales in total sales increased
Organizational structure of the sales department one year after the project: new sales managers were selected and hired, who completely closed the function
«Sheriff» Holding provides a range of services to ensure the security of facilities of different scales and complexity, cargo escort, protection of cash collectors, individuals, public events, etc. The company has been operating in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine for over 18 years.
Client's request to us
  • Potential of the market
    Large market potential that the company did not use.
  • Competition
    High competition in the B2B segment.
Results of cooperation with GDC
  • 1
    B2B sales department
    Built a cold B2B sales department from scratch.
  • 2
    Share of sales
    The share of B2B sales in total sales increased.
  • 3
    Assistance in approving candidates for the department.
  • 4
    New sales managers have been selected and hired to fully cover the function.
  • 5
    Two directions
    There were two directions created: B2B and B2C. Before the work of the GDC, there was no such division in the company.
Organizational structure of the sales department
  • Starting
    No organizational structure in the B2B department, the company worked with existing managers who worked with incoming warm applications.
  • One year after the project
    New sales managers were selected and hired, who completely closed the function.
Customer review
Rating 10/10
  • At the first meeting with the HR of GDC, we described who we would like to see as our ideal candidate, described our desired avatar, and we were immediately heard, and they created a vacancy to suit our needs
  • Candidates who fit us perfectly were immediately brought to interviews with us. The first closing - 2-3 interviews and one of them is already in the staff, the second closing - closed immediately at the first interview
  • Posting a vacancy on GDC-verified resources immediately after the meeting regarding the manager's avatar
  • GDC use a lot of new channels to find candidates and have their own database of managers, which we don't have.
  • Closing the first vacancy within 5 days, the manager completed the training, a worthy candidate, and started working
  • First network clients in operation during the second week of work
  • Closing the second vacancy within 2 days, a manager is at the training stage, a worthy candidate.

For example, our internal HR department had been looking for a candidate for 3 months and we were unable to recruit someone.

Therefore, we are very grateful to GDC for allowing us not to puzzle over how and where to look for people, and at the same time free up time to plan our development in other areas.
the Head of sales and support of B2B direction
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