Building a cold B2B sales team, reforming a warm B2C sales team

«PLANETA KINO» — Cinema chain
Country: Ukraine
Number of working weeks with GDC:
Active phase — 2019 (+/- 10 months)
Created a cold B2B sales department from scratch
Built a B2B customer acquisition funnel
Streamlined process for implementing and monitoring scripts
One of the largest cinema chains in Ukraine. Planeta Kino was founded in 2008. As of the beginning of 2021, the Planeta Kino chain has 9 cinemas across Ukraine, with a total of 66 screens.
Client's request to us
  • Workload
    Unloaded halls not in prime time, areas that do not work and do not earn money.
  • Certificates
    Insufficient number of certificates for visiting cinemas are sold.
  • Restaurants
    Insufficient number of people use catering and restaurants.
  • Cold B2B
    No cold B2B sales department.
  • Warm B2C
    Underdeveloped warm B2C sales department.
Results of cooperation with GDC
  • 1
    B2B sales department
    Created a cold B2B sales department from scratch.
  • 2
    Built a B2B customer acquisition funnel.
  • 3
    Prepared variants of bonuses for warming up leads.
  • 4
    Hiring managers
    Selected and hired new sales managers to fully cover the function.
  • 5
    Developed scripts for Facebook messaging.
  • 6
    Streamlined process for implementing and monitoring scripts.
  • 7
    Products and services
    Provided recommendations on changing the concept of the nomenclature of products and services.
Organizational structure of the sales department
  • Starting
    There was no structure in the B2B department, worked with existing managers who worked with incoming warm requests.
  • One year after the project
    All problems were resolved, the annual B2B sales plan was exceeded, and the B2C sales department was reformed.
Customer review
Dmytro Derkach,
co-owner of Planeta Kino
Review from:
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