Consulting on setting up a sales department

«ID CARD» — Services for the supply and implementation of RFID solutions and contactless identifiers
Country: Ukraine
Number of working weeks with GDC:
Active phase — 17 weeks
Developed an affiliate sales program
Quick and effective control of sales department performance due to daily reporting
Сlear understanding of what stage and which employees need to be hired
Manager understands what KPIs to pay attention to every day so that managers work as efficiently as possible
ID CARD - services for the supply and implementation of contactless (RFID) solutions, and identifiers in the form of RFID tags, smart cards, bracelets, key fobs, and equipment for identification systems in production processes, warehouses, logistics centers, manufacturing facilities, offices, entertainment complexes, etc.
Client's request to us
  • Sales system
    No consistency in the sales department
  • Low average bill
    Low average bill and low lead-to-sale conversion
  • Scaling
    No understanding of how to expand the business and improve results
  • Affiliate sales
    No affiliate channel for attracting customers
Results of cooperation with GDC
  • 1
    Structure of the sales team
    Created a new structure for the sales team
  • 2
    Written and implemented scripts
    Created and implemented scripts for processing incoming leads and working with the database of existing clients
  • 3
    Working with objections
    Created scripts for processing objections at each stage of the funnel
  • 4
    Working with large B2B projects
    Created scripts for meeting with large B2B projects
  • 5
    Financial motivation of managers
    Analyzed and improved the system of financial motivation
  • 6
    Non-financial motivation of managers
    Created a system of non-financial motivation
  • 7
    KPI system
    Created a system of leading and lagging performance indicators, so that the manager understands which KPIs to pay attention every day
  • 8
    Adaptation of managers
    Developed an adaptation system for new employees
  • 9
    Job descriptions
    Developed job descriptions for managers, head of the Sales Department, and assistant of the Sales Department
  • 10
    Increase the conversion rate in sales
    Implemented tips on how to increase conversion when moving from stage to stage of the sales funnel
  • 11
    Affiliate program
    Developed an affiliate program
  • 12
    Target audience segmentation
    Analyzed and categorized the target audience in detail
  • 13
    Bonuses for each target audience group
    Prescribed bonuses for each of the target audience groups that increase the likelihood of a purchase
Customer review
Serhii Salata,
ID CARD owner
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