Rebuilding the sales department from scratch

«Coffee Group» — Turnkey coffee machine rental
Country: Ukraine
Number of working weeks with GDC:
Active phase — 2021, 20 weeks,
Support phase - 2021, 6 weeks
Within 4 months of working with us, the company managed to arrange all the equipment in the offices, cover all the needs for rent, sales of its goods
Sales began to outpace production
Set up sales via Facebook and other social networks
Established process for implementing and monitoring scripts
The company specializes in services:
  • Sale of coffee
  • Specialty coffee
  • Turnkey coffee equipment rental
  • COFFEE GROUP Cafe chain of coffee houses
  • Service of coffee equipment
Client's request to us
  • Failure
    Failure in self-building a sales department.
  • Cold B2B
    Building a cold B2B sales department.
  • Warm B2C
    Reforming the warm B2C sales department.
  • Recruiting
    Hiring a head of the sales department and qualified sales managers.
Results of cooperation with GDC
  • 1
    Building a cold sales team from scratch.
  • 2
    Reforming a warm sales team
    Lack of systematic sales, the existing team could not withstand the workload and quit, so the warm sales department was completely reformed, including the hiring of qualified managers.
  • 3
    • Found a head of the sales department who has been working in the team for more than 2 years (from 2021 to now)
    • Hired several powerful sales managers (2023)
    • Hired a financial director (2023)
  • 4
    Sales via social networks
    Set up sales via Facebook and other social networks.
  • 5
    Built a long funnel
    Set up sales via a long funnel with follow-up systems through coffee tastings for companies and sales of related products.
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