Consulting on setting up a sales department

Country: Ukraine
Number of working weeks with GDC:
Active phase — from April 2023 to the present (valid)
Built a management reporting system
Built a B2B customer acquisition funnel
Conducted an audit of processes and readiness for restructuring
CrossFit Banda is the No. 1 affiliated CrossFit club in Ukraine. 70% of coaches are current athletes who have passed the CrossFit Level 1 certification.
37 athletes, 3 locations for open training, 79 professional coaches, 3 clubs.
Client's request to us
  • Sales system
    No centralized sales system.
  • Efficiency
    Unclear efficiency of the sales department
  • Processes
    Not established internal processes
  • Financial and operational unit
    No complete picture of the financial position of the business and the efficiency of business processes
  • Team
    Unmotivated team
Results of cooperation with GDC
  • 1
    Financial audit
    Highlighted weaknesses in the numbers.
  • 2
    Management reporting system
    Built a management reporting system.
  • 3
    Financial management system
    Built a financial management system.
  • 4
    Developed tools for dealing with cash gaps.
  • 5
    Staging and control
    Implemented a manager for staging and monitoring team tasks. Implemented a manager for staging and monitoring team tasks.
  • 6
    Conducted an audit of processes and readiness for restructuring.
  • 7
    Updated structure
    Updated structure of the sales department.
  • 8
    Started switching to a new CRM system.
  • 9
    KPI and motivation
    Started implementing KPI and motivation.
  • 10
    Writing and implementing all necessary scripts (processing incoming applications, holding meetings and correspondence, working with the database).
  • 11
    Control system
    Setting up a system for monitoring and tracking results.
  • 12
    Assistance in preparing a PR and advertising campaign.
  • 13
    Monitoring system
    Building a monitoring system for the effectiveness of PR and advertising campaigns.
Organizational structure of the sales department
  • Before
    Decentralized sales department, where each separate gym has a manager who works separately from others, without a single approach to sales.
  • One year after the project
    CEO, head of sales, local managers in the gyms who work with clients, and several managers who work with incoming applications and offer to come to the gym for a tour or trial training.
Customer review
Tatiana Grashchenko,
owner of CrossFit Banda
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