Launching a warm online sales team

«4LOFT» — Production of upholstered furniture on request
Country: Ukraine
Number of working weeks with GDC:
Active phase — 17 weeks
Managers communicate using the correct sales call structure
The motivation system allows managers to earn more and motivates them to sell more
There is a clear understanding of the stage at which employees need to be hired
Leaders understand what indicators to pay attention to every day so that managers work as efficiently as possible
4LOFT is a manufacturer of designer furniture, metal structures and cabinet furniture. More than 1000+ completed projects, 20+ years of experience in production.
Client's request to us
  • Sales department
    No systematic sales department.
  • Low conversion to purchase
    A lot of incoming leads, but the conversion rate is low and managers do not close potential customers.
  • Operational consulting
    There is a desire to understand financial statements and forecast cash flows in the company.
Results of cooperation with GDC
  • 1
    Warm sales department
    Launching a warm online sales department.
  • 2
    Payment calendar
    Introduced a payment calendar and clear management reporting.
  • 3
    New structure
    Created a new structure for the sales department.
  • 4
    Created scripts for processing incoming leads.
  • 5
    Processing of objections
    Created scripts for processing objections at each stage of the funnel.
  • 6
    Templates for social network messages
    Created message templates for communicating with potential customers on Facebook and Instagram direct.
  • 7
    Motivation and KPI
    Analyzed and improved the system of financial and non-financial motivation and KPI.
  • 8
    Adaptation system
    Developed an adaptation system for new employees.
  • 9
    Job descriptions
    Developed job descriptions for managers and a text of the vacancy.
  • 10
    Long and clear sales funnel
    Implemented tips on how to increase conversion when moving from stage to stage of the sales funnel.
  • 11
    Affiliate program
    Developed an affiliate program for sales through partners.
  • 12
    Target audience segmentation
    Segmented target audience and provided them with bonuses that increase the probability of purchase.
  • 13
    CRM was implemented.
Organizational structure of the sales department
  • Starting
    2 owners, 4 sales managers
  • One year after the project
    2 owners, 1 team leader, 3 sales managers (including 1 online), 1 sales auditor-controller
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