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How to achieve mastery in sales? Mykhailo Haychuk is candid about creating value for the client

Mykhailo Haychuk participated in Stanislav Korinny's podcast and shared his knowledge and strategies covering the importance of energy in sales, major changes in the industry over the past 15 years, and techniques for engaging in dialogue with high profile clients.

The following topics were discussed in the podcast:
- How to effectively interact with B2B, B2C clients.
- Strategies for overcoming challenges in the seller's career.
- Ethical approaches to resolving conflicts and avoiding manipulation in sales.
- The Importance of Psychology in Million Dollar Sales.
- Prospects of automation in sales and its impact on the future of the industry.

Mykhailo also shared his thoughts on global sales strategies and how to properly promote a product to international markets. You can watch the podcast at the link or below: